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What is the Peniche Surf Academy membership?

The Peniche Surf Academy is a dedicated surf school membership program that offers a comprehensive and flexible approach to surf and skate training. As a member of the academy, you gain access to weekly lessons that cover surf, surfskate, surf fitness, and skate. Our goal is to provide a progressive training experience, empowering members to improve their skills, fitness, and overall enjoyment of these exciting activities. With a focus on personalized development and a supportive community, the Peniche Surf Academy membership is designed to help you improve your surfing and skating skills.

How does the membership work?

The Peniche Surf Academy membership works on a monthly basis, offering you the flexibility to choose the number of lessons you attend each week. We have three types of membership packages available: 1 lesson per week, 2 lessons per week, and 3 lessons per week. You can select the package that best suits your goals, schedule, and commitment level. As a member, you have the freedom to customize your training by choosing from our surf, surfskate, surf fitness and skate lessons each week. This versatile structure allows you to tailor your training program according to your interests and progression, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging experience within the Peniche Surf Academy community.

Can I join the Peniche Surf Academy at any time?

Yes, the Peniche Surf Academy membership follows a monthly cycle. The membership period begins on the Monday of the first week and concludes on the Sunday of the fourth week. At the end of the month, a new cycle starts, and to continue enjoying the benefits of the membership, the payment for the upcoming month needs to be renewed. This

What is included in the weekly lessons?

Each lesson provides access to surfboards, wetsuits, surfskates, skateboards, and the necessary protective gear. You can fully focus on surf and skate training without the need to worry about equipment. Additionally, as a member, you benefit from transportation to the beach, with convenient pick-up options available in the Baleal area. Furthermore, the membership includes individual insurance coverage during the lessons, prioritizing the safety and well-being of our members.

Can I choose which lessons to attend each week?

Yes, as a member of the Peniche Surf Academy, you have the flexibility to choose your weekly lessons. Every Saturday, our head coach, Lourenço, sends out the schedule for the following week. Using our dedicated platform, you can easily book your preferred lessons based on the schedule provided.

Are there any additional costs besides the monthly membership fee?

The Peniche Surf Academy membership covers all the regular weekly lessons included in your chosen package at no additional cost. There are no extra fees associated with the standard lessons included in your membership. However, if you wish to participate in additional lessons beyond your chosen package, there is an option to opt for extra lessons at a cost of 20€ per lesson.

Is there a minimum commitment period for the membership?

The minimum commitment period for the Peniche Surf Academy membership is one month. We believe that dedicating at least one month to your surf and skate training allows for consistent progression and a deeper understanding of the disciplines. However, we encourage members to continue their journey beyond the minimum commitment period, as ongoing training and practice yield the best results in terms of skill development and enjoyment. Our aim is to create a long-lasting and impactful experience for our members, supporting their growth and passion for surfing and skating.

What is the minimum age requirement to join the academy?

The minimum age requirement to join our academy is 8 years old. However, please note that transportation to the beach using our school vans is only available for participants aged 12 years and older. For children between 8 and 11 years old, the tutor will be responsible for the transportation to and from the beach. Depending on the child’s swimming ability and ocean conditions, a private lesson might be required.

Do I need any prior experience to join the academy?

No! Our academy welcomes beginners with open arms. Whether you've never surfed before or have minimal experience, our lessons are designed to introduce you to the world of surfing and help you build a solid foundation of skills.

How long is each surf lesson?

Our surf lessons typically have a total duration of 2 hours, which encompasses various essential elements to provide a comprehensive learning experience. This includes time for wearing the wetsuit, warm-up exercises, ocean reading and explanation, safety measures briefing, and a minimum of 1 hour spent in the water honing your surfing skills. Additionally, we advise surfers to allow for an extra 30 minutes, which covers the initial meeting, equipment distribution at our school, and transportation to the best surf spot chosen for that specific session. To the advanced lessons (level 4 surfers only) we add 1h for the video correction at the end of the session. We strive to optimize every moment of your surf lesson, ensuring you make the most of your time in and out of the water.

Can I bring my own surfboard or wetsuit for the lessons?

Absolutely! We believe in the importance of using familiar equipment to enhance the progression of surfing skills. If you are already accustomed to and comfortable with your own surfboard and wetsuit, we encourage you to continue using them during our lessons. However, our experienced instructors closely assess each surfer's equipment to ensure it is suitable for their skill level and progression. If we believe that using our surfschool boards or wetsuits will better support your development and help you progress faster, we will gladly recommend and provide our high-quality equipment.

What is the student-to-instructor ratio during the lessons?

We maintain a maximum student-to-coach ratio of 6 surfers to 1 coach. However, we strive to keep the groups smaller and typically aim for a ratio of no more than 4 surfers to 1 coach whenever possible. Additionally, we carefully assess, and group surfers based on their level of experience, ensuring that each coach works with surfers who share a similar skill level.

What type of surfboards do you provide for the lessons?

We provide a range of surfboards suitable for all skill levels during the lessons. Our selection includes softboards, which are ideal for beginners due to their forgiving nature, stability, and safety features. As you progress, we also offer a variety of fiberglass and epoxy surfboards to challenge and enhance your skills. Our experienced instructors will guide you in selecting the most appropriate surfboard based on your abilities and the conditions of the day.

What is the location of the lessons?

The location of the surf lessons will depend on the prevailing surf conditions and the best spots for optimal learning. We are fortunate to be situated in Peniche, a renowned surf destination with a variety of surf breaks suitable for different skill levels. Our instructors will choose the most suitable location for the lessons, taking into account factors such as wave conditions, tides, and safety. Rest assured that we will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the exact location and any specific meeting points prior to your lesson.

How does surfskate training benefit my surfing skills?

Surfskate training offers numerous benefits for improving your surfing skills. By replicating the movements and sensations of surfing on land, surfskate helps enhance your balance, coordination, and muscle memory specific to surfing. It allows you to practice and perfect your turns, pumps, and rail-to-rail transitions, translating directly to improved maneuverability and fluidity in the water. Surfskate also strengthens your legs, core, and overall body control, leading to increased stability and power while riding waves. The repetitive practice on a surfskate can significantly accelerate your progression as a surfer, boosting confidence and creating muscle memory.

Is surfskate suitable for all ages and skill levels?

Yes, surfskate lessons are suitable for all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a child, teenager, adult, or seasoned surfer looking to enhance your skills, our lessons are tailored to accommodate individuals of any age or proficiency. 

Are surfskate lessons conducted on the streets or in a controlled environment?

Our surfskate lessons take place in a controlled environment, ensuring a safe and conducive learning experience. We conduct the lessons in specially designed areas or skateparks that provide a controlled and supervised space for surfskate practice.

Which surfskates do you use in the lessons

In our surfskate lessons, we use SmoothStar surfskates. SmoothStar is renowned for producing high-quality and performance-oriented surfskates specifically designed for surf training. These surfskates feature a unique turning mechanism that closely simulates the fluidity and responsiveness of surfing on land. With their innovative truck system and carefully crafted deck design, SmoothStar surfskates allow for smooth, precise, and dynamic turns, replicating the feeling of carving on a wave. The exceptional maneuverability and surf-like motion of SmoothStar surfskates make them an ideal tool for improving balance, coordination, and overall surfing skills.

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