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The Peniche Surf Academy is a dedicated surf school membership program that offers comprehensive and flexible surf and skate training for all levels.

"That passion led me to start Surf it Easy, a surf school right here in Peniche. But as our community grew, I wanted to do something more. So, I created the Peniche Surf Academy."


Founder & Head Coach

How does it work?

At Peniche Surf Academy, we pride ourselves on offering a structured and flexible approach to surf and skate training through our membership program. Here's how it all works:

Membership Structure

Our academy operates on a monthly membership basis, providing you with the flexibility to choose the number of lessons you attend each week. We offer three membership packages: 1 lesson per week, 2 lessons per week, and 3 lessons per week.

Lesson Selection

As a member, you have the freedom to customize your training by selecting from our weekly lessons covering surf, surfskate, surf fitness, and skate. Each Saturday, our head coach sends out the schedule for the following week, allowing you to easily book your preferred lessons based on your interests and availability.


Your membership includes access to all necessary equipment, including surfboards, wetsuits, surfskates, skateboards, and protective gear. Additionally, transportation to the beach is provided, with convenient pick-up options available in the Baleal area. Individual insurance coverage during lessons ensures your safety and peace of mind.

Costs and Commitment

There are no hidden costs associated with the standard lessons included in your membership package. However, if you wish to participate in additional lessons beyond your chosen package, you have the option to do so at an additional cost. The minimum commitment period for membership is one month, but we encourage continued participation for ongoing skill development and enjoyment.

Flexibility and Support

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, our academy welcomes individuals of all skill levels. Our experienced instructors maintain small group sizes and tailor lessons to accommodate varying levels of experience, ensuring personalized attention and support for every member.

The Surf Lessons at Peniche Surf Academy


Our surf lessons take place at various breaks around Peniche, chosen for optimal learning conditions. Prior to each lesson, our instructors carefully assess surf conditions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.


Led by experienced instructors, our lessons maintain a low student-to-coach ratio, ensuring personalized attention and guidance. Groups are formed based on skill levels, allowing for tailored instruction that caters to individual needs and fosters skill development.


Our goal is to help you progress and build confidence in the water. Through expert instruction, feedback, and encouragement, we strive to enhance your surfing skills, allowing you to develop your own style and technique over time.

Surf Training w/ coach in the water

Surfers from level 0 to level 3.

Participating in in-water coach surf lessons at Peniche Surf Academy provides a fast approach to learning, with coaches directly assisting you in the water. Here's how this format benefits beginner and intermediate surfers:

Immediate Correction

With coaches in the water alongside you, you'll receive immediate feedback and correction on your technique. This real-time guidance helps you correct mistakes as they happen, preventing the reinforcement of bad habits.

Wave Selection Guidance

Coaches can help you identify and select appropriate waves for your skill level. Learning to read the ocean and choose the right waves is crucial for progression, and having a coach in the water provides valuable insight.

Enhanced Confidence

Knowing that a coach is nearby providing support and guidance boosts confidence in the water. This confidence allows you to focus on improving your skills without fear, leading to faster progression.

Ocean Awareness

In-water coaching allows coaches to teach ocean awareness skills in real-time, such as reading currents, identifying rip currents, and understanding wave dynamics. This knowledge is essential for navigating the lineup safely and effectively.

Timing and Positioning

Coaches can assist with timing and positioning for wave entry and take-offs, helping you achieve smoother, more controlled rides from the outset.

Video Analysis and Correction

Level 4 and Competition Surfers.

In our advanced surf lessons at Peniche Surf Academy, we offer a technique focused approach tailored to autonomous and competition-level surfers. Here's what to expect:

Improved Technique

Detailed analysis helps you fine-tune your technique, enhancing your ability to execute maneuvers with precision and efficiency.

Progress Tracking

Regular analysis allows you to track your progress over time, setting clear goals and benchmarks for improvement.

Visual Learning

Visual feedback makes complex concepts easier to understand, accelerating your learning curve and skill development.

Personalized Feedback

Based on the analysis, your coach provides tailored feedback and correction strategies to refine your technique and optimize your performance.


By studying your performance on video, you gain valuable insights into wave selection, positioning, and tactical decision-making.




Surfskate Technical Training

Led by experienced instructors, these sessions focus on the technical aspects of essential maneuvers like turns, pumps, and transitions crucial for surfing. By understanding and practicing these techniques on a surfskate, you'll improve your balance, coordination, and muscle memory, directly enhancing your performance on the waves.



Skate Training

These sessions offer more than just tricks – they focus on enhancing your coordination, balance, and fluidity, essential elements for successful surfing. By practicing on a skateboard, you'll develop agility, proprioception, and muscle memory that directly transfer to improved performance on the waves.


Surf Theory Sessions

These sessions cover a range of essential topics, including wave dynamics, surf etiquette and technique refinement. They also provide valuable insights and practical knowledge that will help your surfing journey. Gain a deeper understanding of wave selection, positioning, and navigation, empowering you to make informed decisions in the lineup.

I’ve been surfing for 8 years now, different countries, different instructors. Surf it Easy is by far the best surf school that I experienced. Lorenço has a lot of passion & motivation, he truly enjoys teaching. Maria cares so much about how to improve the Surf-school. Great combination. See you again in October! (Big boy surfer)

Laurens Vendrig

Contact Us

For any inquiries or information regarding our surf academy in Peniche, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our team at Peniche Surf Academy is dedicated to providing professional assistance and guidance tailored to your specific needs.


Whether you're seeking details about our training programs, surf conditions, or any other aspect of our services, we are here to ensure you have the information necessary for a positive experience.

Peniche, Portugal

+351 910 285 821

Thank you! We will get back to you in no time!

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